Cat survives for 2 months under the floor of burned down house

People reply cats have nine lives, but we’ll ever be shocked by what some cats manage to live through.

Like Ringer, a cat who somehow lived for two months for the purposes of the flooring of a home that had burned down.

Christine Marr, Ringer’s owner, posted about the miraculous recovery on Facebook.

Two months ago, a burn destroyed Marr’s home. While Marr and her hound Chloe were rescued from the flares, Ringer could not be found.

That is, until Marr made a trip-up back to the place of her old home with Chloe on Sunday.

“[ Chloe] was delving and scratching at the flooring, ” Marr recalled in her Facebook post, describing how the dog eventually discovered a hole in the wall. When she heard cat meows coming from the hole, she got some meat to lure the cat out.

“And out went Ringer, our cat that we felt succumbed in the burn, ” Marr continued.

According to West Michigan’s neighbourhood Fox affiliate, emergency personnel were stunned by the discovery and immediately hailed Chloe as a canine hero. Ringer was taken to live animals infirmary, where they discovered he was malnourished and had lost half his figure weight.

Were presupposing he was feeing glitches and spiders and stuff under there, Marr told Fox News .

Marr reported on Facebook that Ringer has a feeding tube in his cervix and that the process to reintroduce him to solid food is likely to be slow. But, most importantly, Ringer is expected to make a full recovery.

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