Cam girl allegedly attacked by shark during livestream


Cam site Camsoda wanted to try outsome new underwater livestreaming technology, so it decided to put model Molly Cavalli into a shark cageamid heavily chummed waters off the coast of Florida. What could possibly go wrong? Well, she could be attacked by a shark and left with 20 stitches, which isexactly what happened, according to Camsoda.

We were testing new technology, so why not do it with a beautiful girl, live sharks, chum the water, said vice presidentDarren Press in an interview with Vocativ. Were told its safe, wethink its safe. But, he added, It took a turn for the worse, and thats regrettable.

Camsoda hasedited a videoof the alleged incident, using footage captured by handheldcamerasoutside of the shark cage, as well as bya GoPro inside the cage using the custom mobile hardware they wanted to test. Cavalli, cladina revealing white swimsuit branded with the Camsoda logo, is shown donning a snorkel and flippers and climbing into the cage. TheCamsoda team wasalready recording and about to begin livestreaming whenthings went south.

The boats crew had heavily chummed the waters, according to Cavalli, and the sharks were going crazy and repeatedly bumping into her producer, who was outside of the cage.Just as she started to panic, she says she was bit either because the sharkor her foot had slipped through the bars of the cage.Before getting in the water, Cavalli says she had noticed that the bars on the cage were widely spaced. I wasnt really comfortable with that, she said. But we put a lot into makingsure this day happened, and I wasnt going to back out at that point.

Footage from theGoPro shows Cavalli suddenly recoil and reach toward her foot as blood clouds the water. But the alleged bite itself was not captured on camera.

The video thenshows Cavalli surfacing above the water with a gasp, as a crew member asks, Is she alright? She screams and cries as shes pulled out of the water, blood drippingfrom her ankle and onto the boat deck. Someone exclaims Fuck! as the wound is rinsed and the extent of the gash is revealed. The camera provides a closeup amid her sobs.

Cavalli says she was rushed to the hospital, where she received 20 stitches and Camsodawill be covering her medical costs,according toPress.

There is plenty about this story that seems, well, fishy. First, the bite isnot shown in Camsodas video, despite the presence of multiple underwater cameras. Press, who insists the attack was real, says the cameras werentfocused on her feet. Mollys got some amazing attributes, and her feet are awesome, but thats not the number one thing youre going to film, he said. We werent planning on her getting bit, either. Second,Camsoda has not attempted to concealwhat should be an embarrassing case of an employee being seriously harmed on the job. Instead, the site has actively promoted the incident by editing together the aforementioned video andpublishing a blog postall about it.

Pressadmits that it was our fault planning it and maybe a little risky, but he adds, accidents happen. Theres a chance, though, that they will do it again.Next time we do something like this, he said, well be a lot more cautious.

This story originally appeared on Vocativ and has been republished with permission.

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