Baby getting really into lightsaber battle will make you embrace the Dark Side

How many midichlorians do we believe she’s?
Picture: Twitter/@MommaSmarsh

Think you’d never hesitate to turn to the Dark Side of the Force? Hm. That’s cute. Say hello to Lightsaber Baby.

After receiving a cool fresh lightsaber, Lightsaber Baby (her actual name is Zelda), was thrilled that she began to chase her older brother around the house with it. Wouldn’t we all?

And even though she had the blue saber and not the red, she didn’t exactly stay Zen like a Jedi.

Behold the photo proof, shared by mom @MommaSmarsh on Twitter earlier this week:

To be honest, we have never seen anyone get that this into a lightsaber battle (not angsty teenager Kylo Ren). Kind of makes you want to go Sith, doesn’t it?

[H/T: BuzzFeed]


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