Autodesk VP of design on why DEOs make for better CEOs

Maria Giudice is the VP of layout at Autodesk. In our 18 th occurrence, she shares how artists can become CEOs, explains what a designing executive officer( DEO) is and examines the skills designers can developtoday to help them becomethe leadersofthe future.

Giudice clarifies the stark comparisons between CEOs and DEOs, articulating the mission of a CEO is to maximize investment for shareholders, while the mission of a DEO tends to be more centralized around the idea of rendering purpose and solving the needs of people.DEOs set a creative lens on how and why they move their businesses.

Starting a business doesnt have to be a frightening process. In fact, according to Giudice, a unclean little secret of starting businesses is that most people dont recognize theyve started a business until they look back in hindsight. She says you have to love what youre doing every day. If you arent, change things up. Dont get stuck in a rut.

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