Artist Proves Cats Are More Bread Than Youd Think

German-Japanese artist Mikiko has generated a scientific research that demonstrated her cat is actually bread. Documenting her findings, she produced a series of illustrations, so others could determine whether precisely the condition is shared by their own felines.

“I have observed the ‘rsquo & loafing; happening in most cats,” Mikiko writes. “Mine may’t be the only one who is actually bread! ” The self-taught artist has come a very long way to have the ability to run a study. “In 10 years of freelancing I have worked for clients with focus on character design, storyboards and cover illustration whilst producing concept art, ortho sheets, all phases of comic-making, personal tutoring and live workshops at events. Her online gallery zombiesmile.deviantart.com has 3.5 million clicks, which makes her #44 of this most-watched-artists-on-deviantart list. Her websites enthusiast base is approximately 220k powerful.

“I have seen the ‘loafing’ happening in most cats”

“Mine may’t be the only one who is actually bread! ”

Picture credits: lizzikins


Picture credits: thoughtfulTelemachus


Picture credits: Shannyishere


Picture credits: wickedberlin


Picture credits: Island cats


Picture credits: Vera Luci

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