Architects Create Free DIY Sustainable “Indoor Garden” For Urban Living

As giant companies proceed, IKEA is among the most environmentally friendly and eco-conscious. From its award-winning flatpack refugee shelter to strategies to ditch polystyrene for biodegradable mushroom-based packaging,really Sweden, youre making us envious.

Continuing its innovative agenda, Space10, an IKEA laboratory that explores sustainable solutions for future urban living, has teamed up with Danish architects Mads-Ulrik Husum and Sine Lindholm who made the The Growrooma spherical, multi-tiered indoor garden designed to grow enough food to feed a neighborhood to make it open source, allowing the plans to be downloaded for free.

Itis designed to encourage our everyday sense of well-being from the cities by producing a little oasis or ‘pause’ architecture in our fast-paced social scenery and empowers people to connect with nature as we smell and taste the prosperity of herbs and plants, Space10 state in the open source strategy.

content-1487764811-get-started.jpgRight, let’s get started.Photo by NiklasVindelev

The expectation for the urban farm pavilion is it will spur local communities to work together, growing and sourcing food to share and feed themselves in cities in which external space isn’t viable. All of thisin just 17 steps, with plywood, a few nails, a (hopefully local) wood-cutting workshop, plus a few function to put it all together.

Neighborhood food represents a serious alternative to the global food version. It reduces food miles, our stress on the environment, and instructs our kids of where food actually comes from, Space10 continue. The challenge is that conventional farming takes up a great deal of space and space is a scarce resource in our urban environments.

content-1487764863-growroom-assembly.jpgThe Growroom being constructed by its architects, Mads-Ulrik Husum and Sine Lindholm.Photo by NiklasVindelev

When finished, the free-standing, spherical Growroom measures 2.8 by 2.5 meters (9 by 8.2 ft). The interlocking plywood pieces permit water and light to attain vegetation on every level, without permitting either through to the inside, thus also providing refuge for a visitor. The Growroom also includes a Creative Commons license, permitting people to expand in their garden and make them unique.

content-1487764958-growroom-inside.jpgWithin the Growroom. Space10/Alona Vibe

Interest in the Growroom has been expressed from as far and wide as Helsinki, Rio de Janeiro, Taiwan, and San Francisco, but as Space10 says: It doesnt make sense to encourage local food production then start sending it across oceans and continents, and hence their thought to generate the plans free to download anywhere.

A centre that offers green space, renewable food-growing chances,and trendy architecture? Yep, we’re sold.

content-1487765021-growroom-full.jpgThe Growroom in all of its glory. Space10/Growroom

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