Apple’s ‘Planet of the Apps’ totally gets that kids are just a speed bump on the road to success

“You’re looking at me like I should care that you’re missing the most precious minutes of their lives.”
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Bad news, little Timmy. Daddy doesn’t have time for you anymore.

You see, and we know this might be hard for someone as young as yourself to understand, your father is never around these days because he’s too busy taking probabilities to impress

What’s that you say? You’re embarrassed?

I’ll back up a bit. You probably know this part already, but your dad is starring in a new reality television present produced by Apple. Pretty cool, right? It’s called Planet of the Apps , and it makes app developers like your father-god the opportunity to pitch their hypothesi to a panel of four judges with the hope of eventually getting funded.

Like I announced, altogether cool.

Even neater, though, is the fact that those judges include Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gary Vaynerchuk, and, as I previously mentioned, flesh-and-blood Dr. Pepper ad And while they are likely play-act nice on Tv, the four horsemen of the app ocalypse as we like to call them( hahah) really need your dad to furnish it his all if he was never expects to earn that chance to grovel at the feet of venture capitalists.

Still not getting it? Hmm. Well then, let me just go ahead and present you an ad tweeted out by the good folks at Planet of the Apps .

Need some assist reading the words, Timmy? “I rarely get to see my children, ” it says. “That’s increased risk you have to take.”

You see, your dad is currently in the process of make it in the tech sector. And it’s cutthroat there. If you don’t operate yourself to demise it’s a sign “youve never” truly lived. Or so I’m told. You at least won’t get money, anyway, that persona I know for sure.

Yes, yes, that’s definitely sad. In reality, you’re not the only one who thinks so.

Some people even thought the ad was silly, and stimulated jokes about it.

And guess what, my primary mortal Timbo? Whoever leads the Planet of the Apps Twitter report must have gotten the content, as the tweet was later deleted. Yes, little dude, that means they changed their mind.

Does that likewise mean you get to see your father more? Uh , no , not exactly. He still has to work unhealthy quantities of time on an interior design app, but at least Apple realized the messaging was incorrect. So that’s good!

And hey, chin up lil’ Timmy. Because when you’re seeming down and blue, merely remember that you can see your father when you are crave he’ll be streaming 24/7 on Apple Music, hanging out on Planet of the Apps with while your childhood quickly extends you by.

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