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American flag picked up, re-positioned by Good Samaritan

What happens if an American flag drops when no one is about?

According to one man in California, you pick up it and hang it proudly.

Thats what a great Samaritan recently did after spotting the “Stars and Stripes” laid out on the lawn of a house that he was driving past in Mission Viejo. The flag had been displaced from its normal location following high winds in the area.

But that didnt stop the stranger from helping out. After discovering the flag while waiting at a stop sign, he left his vehicle and approached the house to help hang the flag.


The entire scene was recorded on the homeowners video doorbell.

After a brief battle to re-hang the flag by himself, the man could be viewed putting the flag into the ground to ensure that it would fly swiftly until the homeowners could come back to their house and hang it in its appropriate place.

The residents of this house didnt know the man but said they valued the patriotic effort, anyway.

Watch the entire movie above.

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