Amber Rose’s ‘fire ass feminist post’ about pubic hair too hot for Instagram

Amber Rose wanted to use a provoking Instagram post to make a level about pubic hair .

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Amber Rose am willing to #bringbackthebush.

So naturally, the activist and ace posted a extremely NSFW photo of her pubic hair to Instagram on Friday night.

Wearing her signature shadows, a black coating, black bikini pinnacle, and no bottoms, Rose reclined against a determine of stairs and let the world peek her bush.

But it wasn’t long before the graphic image disappeared from Rose’s Instagram account. She supposes the social media company deleted the post.

Mashable reached out to Instagram to confirm her report and has yet to receive a response, but it wouldn’t be surprising given that its community guidelines generally prohibit nudity, including of a person’s genitals. The image, nonetheless, hasn’t been deleted from a post on Rose’s Twitter account( envision the unblurred image below ).

Both her Twitter and Instagram messages promoted Rose’s upcoming SlutWalk Festival in Los Angeles. That annual assemble, according to its internet site, is about “raising awareness about sex injustice and gender inequality” and “aims to impact and uplift, while altering the paradigm of rape culture.”

If you’re confused about where pubic hair fits into all of this, consider the following statistic: a JAMA Dermatology analyze published last year found that half of the status of women it surveyed groomed their public mane because they thought it induced their genitals appear most attractive or because their partner preferred it.

In the 2016 book Girls& Sex: Navigating the Complicated New Landscape , author Peggy Orenstein’s was shocked to discover that most of the young women she interviewed shaved or waxed their pubic hair since age 14. A prime motivating, they explained, was evading “humiliation, ” because they heard boys openly mock girlfriends with natural hair.

Rose, in other words, is calling out yet another soul-crushing charm standard.

Image: Amber rose/ Twitter

While her provocative social media tactics may not be for everyone, it’s clear the ace has a message worth hearing.

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