Amazon just brought Alexa to iOS in a big way

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Amazon’s digital helper merely landed on iOS, and it’s imparting Siri a run for its money.

You can now talk to Alexa via Amazon’s official shopping app. The update dropped Thursday for many users, and it provides answers to serious matter( “what is a black hole? ” ), together with terrible gags( “Why did the chicken cross the playground? To get to the other slide”) and, of course, shopping propositions. Amazon mentions it’ll be rolling out to everyone in the course of the coming week.

It works well and will be instantly familiar to anyone who owns an Echo deviceAmazon’s popular brand of A.I.-powered deputies that pipe up responding to vocal commands.

Update your Amazon app, tap the microphone next to the search barroom and communicate your inquiry out loud to use the aspect. It’ll render some suggestions to get you started 😛 TAGEND

Image: Amazon

Image: Amazon

Per the list, we asked Alexa to explain a black hole, and it read a clear, informative explanation out loud. Depending on your predilection, you are able to find that it does a better task than Siri, Apple’s own digital helper. Ask Siri about a black hole and it’ll display a chunk of text on your screen, which isn’t so helpful if you’re not in a position to sit there and read.

Google’s assistant, available via the standalone Google app on iOS, fell somewhere in between: Its explanation was less complete, but it read it out loud and displayed the text on-screen.

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Of course, Amazon’s primary goal is to sell you things. On that front, Alexa does a good job. I asked it to order “cat-o-nine-tail” litter, and it displayed a handy list of options that I’ve previously bought on Amazonbut I had to confirm my identity with Touch ID firstly, so no one else could have placed an order employing my information.

Alexa was also able to show me a list of best-selling nonfiction when I asked.

Image: Amazon

Image: Amazon

While it might seem strange that Alexa is folded into Amazon’s shopping app rather than a standalone program, it’s a savvy business play-act. Get accustomed to pestering Alexa, rather than Siri or Google, and you’ll be pulling up Amazon’s store more frequently than ever before.

The digital assistant has been a boon to Amazon, doing much to bolster the company’s reputation as a legitimate customer tech initiative after failures like the Fire Phone. Amazon claims it sold “millions” of Alexa devices last year, with a 900 percentage grow over the holidays compared to the same time in 2015.

Digital deputies like Alexa have become the hot thing in tech, even if they seem a bit gimmicky. They render another avenue for companies to collect your data and sell you things, and if you become reliant on them, you’re more likely to use their products is progress. If “youve been” desire Siri, you wouldn’t want to switch from an iPhone to an Android.

But Alexa isn’t tethered to a phone operating system, which necessitates Amazon can dig its tendrils in regardless of what machine “youre using”. From that view, don’t be surprised if you find Alexa popping up in even more products moving forward.

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