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Aaron Carter says he won’t get caught for DUI, then gets caught for DUI

Aaron Carter’s words have come back to haunt him.

The singer and his girlfriend Madison Parker were detained over the weekend at Georgia on DUI and drug charges in Georgia, according to police.  

Last Monday, the couple was asked in a film received by TMZ  taken in Tampa, Florida, about celebrity Shia LaBeouf. LaBeouf was detained July 8 for public drunkenness, disorderly conduct, and obstruction from Georgia.  

“You won’t catch me getting any DUIs, ” I really don’t have some DUIs,” Carter said at a single stage at the clip.  

Carter and Parker were detained Saturday, Habersham County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Capt. Floyd Canup stated.  


Carter was released on bail Sunday.   Canup stated Parker was eligible for bail but hasn’t yet been released and remained in prison for “unknown reasons.”

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Carter tweeted Sunday, “I am coming to get you baby” Online jail records signify both Carter and Parker have been released.  

Carter is accused of drunken driving and possession of less than 1 oz of marijuana and paraphernalia. Parker had been arrested for obstruction, ownership of less than 1 oz of marijuana and paraphernalia.

Carter’s car had been stopped on a street in Cornelia. He had been set to play at Kansas City, Missouri, on Saturday night. A tweet from his account hours prior to the show said he wouldn’t make it because of “transportation problems.”

Carter is the younger brother of Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter, who stated in that a Sunday tweet directed at his sister, ” I’m here and ready to help you get much better”  

The Associated Press contributed to this report.  

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