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A Heads-Up Would Have Been Nice: This Family Is The Kind That Goes To Church The Morning After Sleepovers

Every household has its own way of doing things, and first impressions can be misleading. So while the Ericksons of Langhorne, PA might have seemed chill and totally normal, it ends up that this household is the sort that goes following sleepovers the afternoon to church.

Fuck. A heads-up would definitely have been appreciated here.

This horrific revelation came to light the afternoon following a sleepover using 9-year-old Danny Erickson. When Danny’s alarm clock went off at 7 pm on the Sunday following the sleepover, it was clear that something was weird about his morning routine. Danny had given no indication that Sunday morning would consist of anything apart from sleeping in, eating sandwiches, and seeing Teen Titans Go! , but within 15 minutes of his alert, the entire house is apparently up and hustling out the door in its way to church. Mr. Erickson appears like he’s going to get pretty worked up if everybody’s not in the Land Rover by 7:45, and Mrs. Erickson’s tossing some Frosted Mini-Wheats into a bowl whilst sending Danny to go pull out a number of his extra curricular tops.

This was crucial information that should have been supplied the evening prior to the sleepover. For Mother, Danny & rsquo parents might have ordered with prior warning to swing by the Ericksons’ house before they all left for church. It’s too late now, though, and what began as a sleepover at Danny’s house has turned into a trip to church together with the entire Erickson family. Any hopes of playing games or playing Minecraft today are shot. Instead, the Sunday entertainment is the Ericksons&rsquo pastor giving a sermon on Bible stuff.

Honestly, this would have been a fine sleepover but this last-minute swerve into church makes sleepovers at Danny Erickson’s improbable. It’s inexcusable that rsquo Danny wouldn &;t have supplied any warning that if you sleep over at his house, the following morning you need to go to church together with his family.

There’s no way around it: This Sunday is going to suck, and it’s thanks to the family’s devotion to church, which nobody bothered to mention for some inexplicable reason. What a nightmare that is complete.

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