7 Cool Puzzles That Will Make Your Cat Work For His Food

Many pet cats are kept indoors for a variety of reasons in conditions that are perhaps the least natural to them. Indoor housing has been associated with health issues, such as chronic lower urinary tract signs, and developed at difficulty behaviors, which can cause crippling of the human-animal bond and lead to euthanasia of the “cat-o-nine-tail”. Environmental enrichment may mitigate the effects of these problems and one approaching is to are benefiting from cats’ natural instincts to work for their food.

Here are 7 cool meat perplexes on Amazon right meow that they are able keep your “cat-o-nine-tail” engaged and feed his hunter spirit.


Trixie Poker Box Activity for Cats( 32$)

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The set includes 4 compartments that are able Individually placed on the base, each of them must be opened employing another method a lid, drawer, line and slipping Knob.


Catit Senses 2.0 Digger for Cats( 14.99$)

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Activate your cat’s senses with this multiple tubes that encourage natural pawing behaviour in a fun way while feeing kibble and treats.


PetSafe SlimCat Interactive Toy and Food Dispenser( 3.59$)

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Treat or food-dispensing toy that encourages playtime applying your cat’s natural instincts and blends exercise with feeding to control your cat’s weight. The adjustable openings increase or decline the challenge for your cat while improves his digestion by feeding several small portions.


Catit Senses 2.0 Food Tree( 19.99$)

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This smart doll will encourage felines to work for their food with natural hunting and pawing behavior while providing 3 impediment degrees to initiate your cat’s senses.


Trixie pet 5 in 1 activity centre( 24.99$)

Via: Amazon

This activity center offers 5 different plays 😛 TAGEND

Game 1: globe resembles a fish bowl and expects “cat-o-nine-tails” to scoop out treats with their paw
Game 2: peg allows felines to make out treats from a distance and map out a hunting strategy
Game 3: alley is a playful option that allows cats to deserve treats while lying down using their paw or claw or toes
Game 4: tongue is for liquid treats since the slits obstruct the feline from employing its paws
Game 5: tunnel has a mouse gap for disguising playthings and treats


Northmate Catch Interactive Feeder for Cats( 21.74$)

Via: Amazon

With this interactive feeder, you are able to become your cat’s meal into a challenging game while provoking the natural instincts and ability to catch meat with his paws.


Jackson Galaxy Go Fish Slow Feeder Puzzle Bowl( 23.75$)

Via: Amazon

Add objection play to treats and banquets with this puzzle feeder bowl that allows your “cat-o-nine-tail” to slow eating to aid digestion while twisting and rearranging tails for a continuously changing puzzle.

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