17 Cheap And Easy DIY Holiday Gifts For Your Furry Friends

This Christmas you may be making amazing DIY presents for friends and adornments to decorate your house.

Don’t forget about your furry friends, though! Even though they have a tendency to knock down our trees and attain sparkly messes over the holidays, they deserve some presents, too. There are so many inexpensive and easy ways to attain your pets happy only by crafting. These 17 programmes will have them nuzzling up to you in no time.

1. Snuffle mats are easy to make and an excellent way to get your dog to memorize to hunt for food or slow down when eating.

All I care about is my German shepherd

2. This fleece tug plaything couldn’t be simpler– try stimulating it in Christmas colors to celebrate the season.

3. If you’re handy, a new wooden plaything box are liable to be the best path to maintenance you and your dog coordinated.

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