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15 hilarious parenting comics that are almost too real.

Brian Gordon is a cartoonist. He is also a dad, which means he’s got lots of inspiration for its parenting comics he creates for his website,
Fowl Speech (just some of which actually feature any profanity).

He covers many topics, but it’s his humorous parenting comics which are resonating with moms and dads everywhere.

“My comics are mostly autobiographical,” Gordon told me. “I’ve got two children who are four and seven, and frequently, what I am writing happened as recently as that very same day.”

Gordon shared 15 of the oh-so-real comics with us. They’re all funny ’cause they’re true.

Let us begin with his favorite, known as ”
Welcome to Parenting,” that Gordon says sums up his comic book pretty well. “Parenting could be such tedious drudgery,” he told me, “but if it was not also so incredibly rewarding there would not be nearly so many people on Earth.”


I hope you enjoy these as much as I did.


All comics have been shared here with Gordon’s express permission. These comics are all posted on his website in addition to his Facebook page. You could even locate a more “bonus” comic which moves with each one by clicking on the “bonus” link.
First. Bonus.


First. Bonus.


First. Bonus.


First. Bonus.


Original. Bonus.


First. Bonus.


First. Bonus.


First. Bonus.


First. Bonus.


First. Bonus.


First. Bonus.


First. Bonus.


First. Bonus.


First. Bonus.


First. Bonus.

I love Gordon’s comics so much since they’re just about the fact of parenting and they catch it perfectly.

There is no parenting advice, no judgment only some humor about the common daily realities which we all share.

I asked Gordon concerning the worst parenting advice he ever received, and he shared this anecdote:

“I recall being an absolute sleep-deprived wreck, sitting out a sandwich store, wolfing my lunch down fast together with my one-month-old son, who was temporarily banging his lungs between screaming fits.

A fairly nosy lady walked up to me and said, all smugly, ‘You ought to enjoy this time while they’re easy.’ It was the exact worst thing anyone could have said to me at that moment and I just wanted to curl up on the sidewalk and shout.”

Who hasn’t been on the receiving end of totally unneeded and unwanted advice? That’s why Gordon’s comics are so welcome: They offer up a distance for us to all laugh about the common experiences we parents discuss.

Here is to Gordon for assisting us chuckle (through the tears).

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