10 survival hacks about fire

Smart way to start a fire using the common items we have

We didn’t realise it but there are a lot of common items in our house that can be use to start a fire, or to keep us warm and to do some cooking, if you are out of electricity or gas.

Well, let me show some of them.


This hacks is about making a warm pot to keep your hands warm during winter. This requires 4 candles and 3 ceramic pots where the heat of the 4 candles are absorbed by the pot and trap the heat for a long tie, giving you warmth for quite some time.

Another hack is about making a cooking stove using hollow bricks. You may have seen bricks that has square shape hollow in the center and these can be used, with some “modification”, to make a very effective cooking stove in your camping trip. Just like this.


And another creative hack is using chopped wood to make a burner cum stove where you can rest your cooking pan on the wood. Just like this.


And there are some more hacks you can learn from this video. Very easy and you can easily find it in your home.

Check out this video here.

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